How To Go Viral On LinkedIn In 2024


Explore this comprehensive guide for initiating the creation of viral posts on LinkedIn. Read on to learn how to create viral posts on Linkedin.

Crafting a compelling opening line for your LinkedIn post is crucial in capturing your reader's attention. If you've struggled with this, fear not—

I've been creating content on LinkedIn since 2016 and have some ideas to help you out.

Here's a guide to kickstart your next post:

1. Pose Intriguing Questions

Engage your audience by asking questions that resonate with their interests or challenges. Instead of a straightforward dental query, consider something like, "Dreaming of a picture-perfect smile without feeling camera-shy?" Explore their preferences or opinions, such as their love for coffee or thoughts on a four-day workweek.


  1. Are you a coffee enthusiast?
  2. What's your take on pineapple as a pizza topping?
  3. Do you think North America should adopt a four-day workweek?

2. Share Shocking Statistics

Grab attention with a surprising statistic—something that makes your audience pause. For instance, did you know that, hypothetically, two new LinkedIn users sign up within the time it takes to read one line? Google is your ally in finding interesting stats related to your topic.

3. Introduce Personal Stories

Connect with your readers on a human level by sharing personal anecdotes. Create a sense of curiosity with a teaser like, "I never imagined sharing this story, but it happened to me…" or make a bold statement like, "Just two weeks into my new job, my career was over. There was no coming back from this."

4. Metaphors and Shared Values

If you're struggling, start with the core message of your post. For example, if your topic is work-life balance, open with a metaphor like, "The one place you're irreplaceable is at home." Align your opening line with the central theme of your message.

5. Paint a Vivid Picture

Transport your readers into a mental landscape by using words that stimulate the imagination. Encourage them to envision, picture, consider, visualize, ponder, or explore. For example, "In a future where traditional offices are obsolete, companies embrace a fully virtual working environment," or "As an HR professional, picture yourself resolving a complex workplace conflict."

In the world of LinkedIn, a captivating opening line is your ticket to engaging readers. Whether you choose questions, statistics, personal stories, metaphors, or vivid descriptions, aim to connect on a human level through impactful storytelling. The next time you draft a LinkedIn post, apply these ideas and witness your opening line become a scroll-stopping attention-grabber. Happy writing!

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